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Fake Walls' Top 5 Tracks From February 2015

We're now a few weeks away from springtime, and before we can finally escape the snow and freezing temperatures, we have to take a look at five tracks that made February a bit more tolerable.


5) Double Lined Minority - "Voodoo"

Australian pop punk act Double Lined Minority kicked off February with the angst driven cut "Voodoo" taken from their new Caught In The Ceasefire EP. Lyrically, this track is the eqivalent of getting your heat ripped out by Edward Scissorhands (Hack into the garden/ Help yourself picking desperate fruit/Rotten from the bottom/Recommend recognize sky view). You can download their new EP for free here.


4) Passion Pit - "Lifted Up (1985)"

Not to be confused with the 2004 Bowling For Soup single about middle age bitterness, Passion Pit's "Lifted Up (1985)" is an arena rocker filled to brim with electopop goodness. 


3) Galantis - "Gold Dust"

Around Christmas time last year, Swedish electronic music duo Galantis slid a teaser for the track "Gold Dust" underneath our tree. Two months later, fans finally get the whole package, which florishes with hypnotizing male vocals riding along wondrous melodies. Expect to see this song in several Youtube tribute videos for WWE superstar Goldust from now on.


2) Squarepusher - "Rayc Fire 2"

Squarepusher gave fans a glimpse of his upcoming album Damogen Furies with the track "Rayc Fire 2", which is more glitch-filled than Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing.Luckily, you won't get any "You're winner" messages when jamming to this electronic calamity. You can download the track for free here.


1) Godspeed You! Black Emperor - "Peasantry Or ‘Light! Inside Of Light'”

Towards the end of the month, Canadian post-rock titans Godspeed You! Black Emperor unleashed a typical mammoth track entitled "Peasantry Or ‘Light! Inside Of Light'”. The 7 minute excerpt of the full track from their upcoming album Asunder, Sweet And Other Distress could very well retroactively be the theme for Game of Thrones. In fact, petitions are probably being made as we speak to make this a reality.