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Fake Walls' Top 5 Tracks From January 2015

Modest Mouse band

Our fav tunes from January. We made it through the first month of 2015, and a plethora of new music rushed into our ears. But what were some of our favorite tracks from January? Take a listen to five tracks that we deemed worthy of your attention.


5) Houndmouth - "Sedona"

Indiana alternative country act Houndmouth are set to release their new album Little Neon Limelight this March, and treated fans to the first single from the album entitled "Sedona".


4) Modest Mouse - "Coyotes"

It's difficult to find a Modest Mouse fan say anything negative towards the band's entire discography. "Coyotes", the second single from the band's upcoming album Strangers to Ourselves, won't change that, but don't be surprised if some coyotes take the light rail to your house, hoping to join you in singing along to this majestic tune.


3) Death Team - "Fucking Bitches In The Hood"

It's hard to tell if Death Team's vocalist Mayka Edd is simply lampooning the nature of hip hop or if she's simply speaking the truth and we're too blind to comprehend. This particular hood seems to have thoroughfares drenched in neon markings with a maniacal pianist uncontrollably rolling down the steep streets.


2) The Mountain Goats - "The Legend of Chavo Guerrero"

California indie rockers The Mountain Goats are known for giving most of their records a specific theme or story. Their upcoming album Beat The Champ focuses on various pro wrestlers, and the first single "The Legend of Chavo Guerrero" revolves around the life of the legendary Mexican wrestler that has won numerous championships, including being the oldest Cruiserweight Champion in history, in his 40 year career.


1) The Prodigy - "The Day Is My Enemy"
"The Day Is My Enemy", the second single and title track from The Prodigy's upcoming album, slowly seeps through with war drums before erupting into an apocalyptic dogfight. The track, which features vocals from Martina Topley-Bird and Paul "DirtCandy" Jackson, was inspired by the Ella Fitzgerald version of "All Through The Night", with Martina crooning the line "The day is my enemy, the night my friend".