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Review: Brody Dalle, Slothrust @ Bowery Ballroom 7.22.14

"We're not gonna fight tonight. Otherwise, you're gonna have to fight me," said vocalist Brody Dalle towards a heated duo in the middle of her set on Tuesday night. Since she was 18, the Australian born singer has been touring the globe countless times with The Distillers and Spinerette. Now, Brody is branching out on her own with a new solo career. Her solo debut album Diploid Love was released this Spring to positive fanfare. Her North American trek, which featured some dates alongside husband Josh Homme's band Queens Of The Stone Age, is a celebration of everything that Brody has accomplished in her musical career so far, and her eager fans waiting outside of Bowery Ballroom couldn't wait to celebrate with her.

Opening with "Rat Race", the first track from Diploid Love, the frontwoman gave the NYC crowd a superlative performance. While there were a few in the audience moving along, the crowd didn't get on their feet until she turned up the energy with the following track "Die On A Rope", which is taken from The Distillers 2003's major label debut (and final album) Coral Fang. Moshpits and copious amounts of crowdsurfing ensued while Brody went through several tracks from The Distillers' library that night, including "I Am A Revenant" and "Sick Of It All" from 2002's Sing Sing Death House and "Dismantle Me" and "Coral Fang" from the aforementioned Coral Fang release. The frontwoman also took a trip through Spinerette's catalog with "Ghetto Love", a track which found her dropping the guitar for a moment and diving in the crowd's loving arms. "This song is for New York and The Ramones. They're together now", stated Brody before going into a cover of The Misfits' "Hybrid Moments".

Even with all of the material from her previous bands, Brody still managed to focus on the new album. "Don't Mess With Me", a track that she performed on Late Night with David Letterman the night after, has become a fan favorite since its release, and "Meet the Foetus/Oh the Joy" flourished in the live setting with its contagious refrain. The frontwoman ended things with the mariachi guitar laden track "Underworld", and those who were expecting an encore of a few more Distillers tunes, perhaps the wildly popular tracks "Drain The Blood" and "Seneca Falls", were upset when the house lights came on immediately after the band's exit.

Opening for Brody Dalle were Slothrust, a Brooklyn trio that have an affinity towards blending punk, grunge, and indie rock and creating something that's indescribable at times. The New York crowd jokingly screamed out "Slayer" due to their long hair and seemingly retro aura, but the band, which is fronted by vocalist/guitarist Leah Wellbaum, managed to grab everyone's attention with their rigorous performance and enthralling sound. It's somewhat rare to see an opening act receive a bigger applause after each track, especially after the explosive track "Crockpot". While the band performed material from their latest album Of Course You Do and 2012's Feels Your Pain, they managed to drop a couple new tracks that got a positive reaction.