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Fake Walls' Best of 2014

Those Mockingbirds 2014

Best Albums Of 2014

1) Those Mockingbirds - Penny The Dreadful

New Jersey rockers Those Mockingbirds hit the ball out of the park with their debut album Penny The Dreadful. Whether it's Tory Anne Daines' bewitching violin/keyboard amalgamation or Adam Bird's alluring storytelling, Penny The Dreadful presents itself as one of the most perfect releases of 2014. You can expect them to embark on the 20 year anniversary tour of this record, performing in front of thousands and thousands of adoring fans each night.


2) PUP - PUP 

PUP's self-titled debut album will go down as one of the best punk debuts in recent memory. If tracks such as "Reservoir","Mabu' or "Factories" don't have you reaching for the mic, you probably have no soul or you suffer from melophobia, which would make music sites like this one completely irrelevant to your everyday life.


3) Besserbitch - Moments of Grey

While Besserbitch vocalist Elin Andrée screams, "I am not impressed" in "Welcome To Shitholm", plenty of folks won't say the same about their magnificent debut album. Filled with hooks and fierce energy, the Swedish punk band are raring to take the world by storm with this packed release.


4) Body Count - Manslaughter

"Talk Shit, Get Shot", the SINGLE from Manslaughter has legendary rapper Ice-T spewing lines "You can get hit with the fifth/Twisted with the biscuit/Blasted with the ratchet/Jacked with the mac" as if he was offering deals at the local gun shop. Those who came to mosh and bang their heads found themselves in the right place with this 50 minute juggernaut, which includes a rousing modern-day rendition of Suicidal Tendencies' "Institutialized".


5) Eden The Cat - Amateur

Is it about love? Is it about nachos? Is it about the love of nachos? No matter where the lyrical content stems from, the debut album from Canadian singer-songwriter Eden Rohatensky, better known as Eden The Cat, can either tug at your heartstrings and/or your tastebuds.


6) 7 Seconds - Leave A Light On

7 Seconds returned this year with Leave A Light On, their first album in almost ten years. The album is everything that fans of the band enjoy : fast pitstarters and melodic tunes.


7)  Dr. Manhattan - BOLO YODO

It's been way too long since we heard some music from Dr. Manhattan. Over the summer, the band released their 5 track BOLO YODO EP, which was their first release since 2009's Jam Dreams. What does BOLO YODO actually mean? I don't know, but top wordsmiths around the world have unanimously decided that it means "pretty fucking cool music".


8) The Caution Children - Safe Crusades/No Baby/And Judgement

If Safe Crusades/No Baby/And Judgement had to describe itself in three words for some lame dating site, it would probably use "crushing", "melodic", and "moist".  Recorded by Jack Shirley, The Caution Children's latest release blends post-hardcore, screamo, and shoegaze into a 28 minute whirlwind of an album.


9) The Faint - Doom Abuse 

It's business as usual for The Faint with Doom Abuse, their first release since 2008's Fasciinatiion. For this album, the band flirts with pitstarters ("Salt My Doom"), climbs massive choruses ("Animal Needs"), and tangos with Depeche Mode ("Damage Control").


10) Coy Kids - Youthful Days

If Bruce Springsteen grew up in modern-day New Jersey, Youthful Days would've been his Born to Run. Jersey City indie rock group Coy Kids gives the Garden State a much deserved love letter, albeit one covered in booze and lipstick.


11) Archive - Axiom 

It's rare for an opening track to immediately grab a person's attention so much where they have it on repeat for hours before they even continue with the rest of the record. While Axiom as a whole is a majestic piece of art that can double as a soundtrack to a Christopher Nolan film (Archive actually does have a short film based around the album), I implore you to check out "Distorted Angels" at the widget below.


12) Against Me - Transgender Dysphoria Blues

13) Walking Bicycles - To Him That Wills The Way

14) :Hopeful Machines: - The Spring of the Drowned Girl

15) Bright Light Bright Light - Life Is Easy

16) The Crystal Method - The Crystal Method

17) Primus - Primus & The Chocolate Factory with the Fungi Ensemble 

After hearing Primus' take on the Willy Wonka soundtrack, one thing is certain: these gentlemen need to cover every damn movie soundtrack on the planet. Who wouldn't want to hear Les Claypool & Co. tackle "Kiss From A Rose" from the Batman Forever soundtrack or  "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" from the Lion King soundtrack?


18) Mariachi El Bronx - III 

Every time Mariachi El Bronx release an album, I bust out my sombrero and foolishly engage in a zapateado around the house. Sales for sombreros around the world have skyrocketed 150% since the release of Mariachi El Bronx's new album III. Okay, the numbers for sombrero sales might be over-exaggeration at its best, but these L.A. punkers can certainly deliver some wondrous mariachi tunes.


19) Above & Beyond - Acoustic

20) Meg Myers - Make A Shadow EP

21) Mykki Blanco - Gay Dog Food 

Mykki Blanco simply doesn't give a shit if he's not street enough for rap stations, and with the release of his latest mixtape Gay Dog Food, the rapper clearly wants to reinvent the game solely for himself. With tracks such as the industrial club thumper "Cyber Dog" and the war march anthem "Baby's Got Big Plans", boundaries were clearly locked out of the recording studio. If this is how Mykki brings it on mixtapes, his debut album is set to be one of the most mind-bending hip hop releases seen in a very long time. Prepare yourselves.


22) Max Elto - Taped Rai EP

23) Devin Townsend - Z2

Ziltoid the Omniscient is easily one of Devin Townsend's greatest albums ever, and the seven years it took for the sequel to arrive was worth the wait. Instead of simply giving us the sequel, Devin turned Z2 into a double album.


24) Hostage Calm - Die On Stage

I'm not sure if most Hostage Calm fans expected the band to somewhat act out the title of their latest record. Midway through their tour with Citizen, the band shockingly dropped off the trek and called it quits after seven years. If this is their final release as band, they left behind something that will inspire bands in their genre for years to come.


25) Hollow Earth - Silent Graves

26) Daemon Hatfield - Beyond The Darkness

27) Lune - Music & Sports

28) Gramatik - The Age of Reason

29) Babymetal - Babymetal

I don't think babies should be listening to metal (unless it's Slayer). The loud guitars and screeching vocals will probably lead to copious amounts of crying, which will lead to some upset parents losing sleep. Babymetal won't be any different, but at least vocals from Su-metal, Yuimetal, and Moametal will be enough to put a smile on the little one's face.


30) Anxious P - Everything's Good



Top 25 songs of 2014

1) Archive - "Distorted Angels"

2) PUP - "Reservoir"

3) Mike Oldfield - "Nuclear"

4) Those Mockingbirds - "Model Myself"

5) Eden the Cat - "Ghost"

6) Walking Bicycles - "Eyesore"

7) Dr. Manhattan - "Dance The Vibes Away"

8) Max Elto - "Citylights"

9) The Caution Children - "Psalms"

10) Islander - "The Sadness of Graves"

11) Devin Townsend Project - "Ziltoidian Empire"

12) Body Count - "Wanna Be A Gangsta"

13) OK GO - "The Writing's on the Wall"

14) Bad Suns - "Cardiac Arrest"

15) Above and Beyond - "Miracle"

16) Against Me - "Osama bin Laden as the Crucified Christ"

17) Meg Myers - "Make A Shadow"

18) Daemon Hatfield - "Moon Patrol"

19) Crystal Method - "110 to the 101"

20) Lune - "Close Dance"

21) Hollow Earth - "Swallowing Knives"

22) Skrillex - "All Is Fair in Love and Brostep"

23) Enter Shikari - "The Last Garrison"

24) Anamanaguchi - "Pop It"

25) Mykki Blanco - "For The Homey's"