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Review: Meg Myers @ Mercury Lounge 8.7.13

Meg Myers

For musicians, performing in NYC for the first time can be an exciting yet terrifying experience. This is the city that launched the careers of acts like The Strokes, The Ramones and Sonic Youth. Many of NYC's venues are world renowned and it's impact of music is just as prolific. While the excitement seems to swirl through a musician's head, there's still the fear of not knowing how the crowd will react to your music.

Opening act I Am Lightyear, musical project of Brooklyn's Lauren Zettler, felt that kind of peculiar aura from the audience that evening. As Lauren crooned, the small crowd was very distant from the stage. It almost looked as if she was performing for no one at times. The situation reminded me of the unwritten rule in music "Don't move for the first band" which seems very preposterous. The red-haired vocalist didn't seem to worry much; her awkwardness during her stage banter drew some laughs from the audience.  

The sound of heartbeats on the PA overtook the crowd's chatter around 8:10pm as Meg Myers and crew (which included cellist Ken Oak, drummer Sam Gallagher and guitarist Doctor Rosen Rosen) made their way to the stage. As Meg sang the opening lines of "Adelaide" with bass in hand, smartphones and cameras were in full view as the crowd wanted to capture her first moments performing in the Big Apple. After the following song "I Die", Meg put the bass down and really hooked the crowd with her hypnotic stage presence during "Make A Shadow". Her piercing eyes seemed to stare into the souls of everyone in attendance while her trembling body would almost make you believe she was being possessed. The thing that puzzles me is how some websites are labeling Meg Myers a "goth-pop" singer because of her dark lyrics of love and heartbreak; she certainly didn't look the part that Wednesday evening with sky blue shorts and Chucks. 

"Monster" seemed to be a fan favorite as the ladies (and some fellas) in the audience sang right along with Meg, who decided to bring an acoustic guitar in play. Doctor Rosen Rosen (who was performing his final show with Meg that evening) and Oak left the stage for a moment during the tune "Cold" leaving Meg strumming on the electric guitar. "Curbstomp" definitely had a more robust sound live with some nifty drumming from Gallagher. The final tune of the night was "Heart Heart Head" and Meg wasn't ready to leave NYC without giving them something to remember. Things started off very serene but Meg's growing intensity singing the line "You're in my heart, in my heart, in my head" felt more like a countdown towards mass destruction. After the song, Meg cheerfully thanked the crowd and walked off stage with her band. Some people in the crowd were quite bewildered at what they just witnessed. With the way things are going for Meg Myers, more people across the country (and eventually the world) will get experience her tales of heartbreak in person and instantly become raving fans.