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Seven Lions, David Heartbreak @ Webster Hall 7.26.13

Great electronic dance music. Drinks flowing. Sweaty dancers. It's just another Friday night at Webster Hall with Girls & Boys presenting OWSLA artists David Heartbreak and Seven Lions for the masses. The line to enter was long and jumbled at times with people anxiously waiting to get inside for the night's activities.

Due to an earlier show at the Grand Ballroom, attendees were taken to the Marlin Room where they were greeted with epic EDM bangers like Stealers Wheel's "Stuck In The Middle With You" and The Marvelettes' "Please, Mr. Postman". There were a few older people in the room (probably from the earlier show) confused at the increasing amount of younger people dancing along to oldies music. As those folks left the room, the DJ turned things up tenfold with tracks like Firebeatz & Schella's ode to the Big Apple "Dear New York", Robin S.'s house anthem "Show Me Love" and whichever remix of Zedd's platinum single "Clarity" that's popular this very second.

Around midnight, the room and hallway outside were extremely jampacked full of people itching to bust a move upstairs. Doors officially opened at 12:15am and a definite mad dash upstairs was imminent as everyone tried to get closer to the stage. DJs Rekles and Alex English were in the Grand Ballroom setting the soundtrack to the chaotic rush with the room getting filled up in a rapid manner. English and Rekles were more like The Wild Samoans as they tag teamed the DJ booth delivering some bumping beats to wet the crowd's ever-growing appetite.

David Heartbreak stepped up to the plate and delivered a grand slam at Webster Hall which was minutes away from his hometown of Brooklyn. The already scorching room got even more torrid with dancers moving their way through David's remix of the Skrillex/Damian Marley collaboration "Make It Bun Dem". Balloons and light sabers were thrusted in the air with every monstrous bass drop. Speaking of monstrous, the track "Boogie Monster" was completely sinister live with dark lights piercing through the backdrop complimenting the tune quite well.

While Seven Lions didn't actually have seven lions on stage with him (I'm pretty sure the maximum lions he could have brought on stage was three), he did manage to bring the intensity level through the roof. Webster Hall felt more like the Mohave Desert by the time the Santa Barbara DJ took the stage around 2am. People danced right next to the PA systems around the venue as Seven Lions navigated the crowd through bangers mixed with some eye-popping lights. Montalvo led the crowd into some handclaps during the cut "Days To Come", which sounded vicious live. SL history with playing in metal bands have given his tunes a more ferocious yet blissful atmosphere.

During his remix of Tritonal's track "Still With Me (feat. Cristina Soto), Seven Lions made his way in front of the booth to get closer to his ecstatic fans. That only made the crowd giddier and ready to move their feet even harder for the rest of the evening.

Dropping Dank's remix of the Avicii/Nicky Romero track "I Could Be The One" was definitely a crowd pleaser as everyone sung along and grooved accordingly. The DJ also hit up his collaboration track with Myon & Shane 54 entitled "Strangers", which got a great reception (the tune will be featured on the upcoming The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie soundtrack). With a lengthy U.S. tour supporting Krewella in the fall, you can bet that Seven Lions will definitely need a much bigger venue the next time he rolls through New York City.