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Dirtyphonics @ Best Buy Theater 5.10.13 (review)


By: Terrance Pryor

There's something about seeing a line full of cheerful ravers that gets you completely amped. With no concern of the impending storm that hit overnight, the crowd was definitely dressed to impress for some banging tunes.

Best Buy Theater's website stated that the show started at the same time as doors opened, and they weren't kidding around. LA's ETC(!) ETC(!) got the music bumping at full blast right when doors opened. Many of the showgoers danced their way to the floor as they were greeted with some wicked moombaton and trap music. The cheerful DJ smiled while checking out glovers giving hypnotizing light shows. Cuts like the Borgore track "Decisions" and the Brillz/ Z-Trap remix of Jay-Z's "Dirt of Your Shoulder" got the growing crowd riled up. ETC(!) ETC(!) dedicated a little something for the ladies: GTA's "Booty Bounce", which slid right into Calvin Harris's "Bounce". The DJ capped off his set with the infectious Crizzly & AFX remix of Jibbs' "Chain Hang Low".

If Konami ever wanted to release an electro remix album of Castlevania music, they could probably look no further than Atlanta DJ Le Castle Vania. The blonde haired DJ had the ladies screaming when he greeted the NYC crowd. It's like he knew that I was going to be there when he dropped The Bloody Beatroots/Steve Aoki rework of Refused's "New Noise". At one point, the DJ hopped on his booth and placed his headphones over his eyes, paying homage to Daft Punk before dropping an outrageous remix of "Around The World". And let's not forget his wicked transition from his remix of Smashing Pumpkins "Zero" into Knife Party's "Internet Friends".

Around 12:15am, French electronic act Dirtyphonics arrived on stage to flashing lights and loud roars from the audience. Unlike a lot of DJs, the four piece act perform with a full blown live setup, which is somewhat refreshing. The unit slammed through cuts from their latest album Irreverence including "Los Angeles" and "Chaos", leading them to yell, "Get this venue crazy like a real fucking chaos". The crowd obeyed the command as the dancing and light shows intensified. Even Marvel Comics' own Deadpool (or someone dressed like him) went completely insane. Members of Dirtyphonics took some time to come towards the stage whether it was spraying water during their touch up to Marilyn Manson's "Slo-Mo-Tion", stamping arms and hands with cool logos or stagediving during the cut "Stage Divers". For their encore, the act burned their way through "Walk In The Fire".  The metal tinged cut raised numerous metal horns from the sweaty audience. When Dirtyphonics asked,"Where is my fucking mosh pit crew?", an unusual pit broke out in the back during the breakdown.

While Dirtyphonics were sending good vibes throughout their set, one of the venue's security members didn't quite get the memo. Anyone that has been to an EDM gig or any kind of festival knows that placing a young lady (or a bro) onto of your shoulders is very common. One member of security seemed pretty determined to be a party killer when he constantly yelled at people to stop them from doing that. It really disheartened me when he stomped right past me and stormed his way into the crowd on three separate occasions to force people off shoulders. I've been to many EDM gigs, and that was the first time I've ever seen security flip out over something so miniscule. I'm not saying that the venue shouldn't hold any more shows of that kind. They should, however, hire security more aware of how the crowd reacts during these shows.

There was one brief moment of sunshine among the clouds, though. While the security guy was angrily pointing at someone in the crowd, one raver placed a Kandi bracelet on his wrist. Confused at what just happened, the security guy didn't take it off for the rest of the evening. Hopefully, he took time to discover what that bracelet means to so many people in the scene. Perhaps he wouldn't react so harshly towards kids trying to enjoy the music next time.

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Too bad their set is pre recorded and they FAKE THE WHOLE SHOW
May 19, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterNomz

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