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The Dillinger Escape Plan @ Music Hall of Williamsburg 

Photo not from MHOW, by Keeyahtay Lewis

Dillinger Escape Plan live

NJ mathcore band The Dillinger Escape Plan kicked off their U.S. tour with The Faceless and Royal Thunder last week and wanted to do something special for the NYC fans. With the help of Converse Rubber Tracks, the band put on a free show at Brooklyn's Music Hall of Williamsburg, which sold out in less than two minutes. A bevy of long hair and strikingly groomed beards filled up the venue as music from heavy bands like Pantera and Intergrity helped build anticipation for a great night.

Brooklyn's own Primitive Weapons were the first act for the evening. Opening with the track "Politics and Oblivion", the band unleashed fury with the crowd looking on and headbanging accordingly. There wasn't a lot of room for vocalist David Castillo to move around, but the long haired growler made best of the space that was given. Atlanta's own Royal Thunder greeted the audience next with some heavy stoner rock. While most bands would normally place the drummer in the back, the stage was wide enough for the trio to get equal time in the front. While their music wasn't exactly my cup of tea, there were tons of headbanging from the Brooklyn crowd. Vocalist/bassist Mlny Parsonz has an enchanting voice that grasp you and doesn't let go.

Los Angeles death metal act The Faceless certainly got everybody riled up with some blazing guitar work from clean vocalist Michael Keene and pulse pounding drumming from Alex Rüdinger, who joined the band earlier this year. Vocalist Geoffrey Ficco really poured down some wicked screams especially during "Autotheist Movement I: Create" & "Autotheist Movement II: Emancipate". Keene crooned his way through "Autotheist Movement III: Deconsecrate" with haunting organs that made it feel as if the crowd was witnessing some kind of dark carnival (obviously not the only inhabited by Juggalos). The crowd tore up the pit while screaming, "I am the alpha/ I am the omega" during "Ten Billion Years". After their final song "Xenochrist", the band thanked the crowd with high fives and some free bottled water for the sweaty moshers and headbangers.

If you've ever heard of The Dillinger Escape Plan, you know exactly how explosive their shows can get (Starland Ballroom would know best). When the house announcer told the audience to "be aware of their surroundings" and "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen", a ton of eye rolling and laughter came forth. They obviously didn't get the nickname "the world's most dangerous band" from playing ukeleles and blowing bubbles into the crowd. TDEP have a busy several months ahead of them with a brand new album entitled One Of Us Is The Killer due on May 14th via Sumerian Records and headlining the Summer Slaughter Tour.

Chants of "Dillinger" grew louder and louder until the outfit came on stage. As soon as vocalist Greg Puciato cried, "How could it all be?" to kick off "Prancer", the entire venue went into full blown berserk mode. Guitarist Ben Weinman was a complete wild man on stage as he dove off the tall amps on stage and turned into the Tasmanian Devil with some nauseating guitar spins. "Sugar Coated Sour" found Puciato diving straight into the crowd as the madness ensued further (shoes were seen flying around the crowd). The band went through material from all four previously released albums including "When Good Dogs Do Bad Things" from their Irony Is A Dead Scene EP.

The act slowed down the chaos for a bit with "Dead As History", which still found crowdsurfers making moves underneath the flashing lights and electronic blips. Their recent new song "When I Lost My Bet" sounded quite ferocious live.  Near the end of "Sunshine the Werewolf", the band invited people on stage. Around 30 people jumped on stage and let loose while Weinman and Puciato dove onto said crowd from the amps. Security was certainly confused and worried during the situation. When the opening chords to "43% Burnt" hit, mass hysteria poured from the audience as security managed to get the hyper crowd offstage. The night ended with Weinman banging drummer Billy Rymer's cymbals with his guitar while Puciato threw drumsticks like darts at his back.

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