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Interview: Those Mockingbirds

Those Mockingbirds band

If you've been following this website since its inception in 2009, you're already familiar with NJ indie rock band Those Mockingbirds. Whether it was their early beginnings playing places like the Meatlocker, opening for Armor For Sleep's sold out reunion show at Irving Plaza, or seeing them perform at defunct Hoboken venue Maxwell's one last time, we've watched the band grow over the last five years. Personally, most of my favorite shows and moments involved the five piece band. Watching guitarist/vocalist Adam Bird go above and beyond to captivate a crowd is always awe-inspiring. It didn't matter if he was performing in front of 5 people or 1,200 people. Whether she rocked an eye patch, performed in a hospital gown, or simply looked like the queen of the ball, violinist/keyboardist Tory Anne Daines' evolution as a musician over the years is truly remarkable.

The band have now reached another chapter in their story: the debut album. Penny The Dreadful drops on July 1st, you can read my review of the album here, and the band will celebrate with a record release show on Saturday, July 12th at the Backroom Studios in Rockaway, New Jersey. Will the band finally make their way overseas? What can we all expect from the record release show? It's not really necessary to find out on the next episode of Dragonball Z. You can check out the full interview with Adam, Tory, and bassist Rob Fitzgerald below.

1) Penny The Dreadful feels like a more mature sounding version of the Fa Sol La EP, but it also seems a lot more open in the lyrical standpoint. What was it like preparing for this album?

Adam Bird: There was a lot of trial and error with this one. We tried almost every song in multiple different speeds, styles, keys, etc. just to see what worked best. Same with the lyrics... I kept a lot of it metaphorical, but I went through a lot of drafts.

2) You've worked with Dean Baltulonis in the past. What's it like having him in the studio?

Rob Fitzgerald: Dean is a really laid back guy with a lot of ideas floating around in his head. It's fun to pick his brain knowing that no matter how obscure or unusual an idea may be, he's always going to be down to try it. Sometimes recording can get stressful, so having a guy with his temperament can help keep things copasetic.

3) Daniel de Jesus from Rasputina has a guest spot on the album's final track "I Feel Like I Died". How did you guys reach out to him?

Tory Anne Daines: Our good friend Rebecca Schlappich plays violin with World Inferno/ Friendship Society. I met Daniel when Rasputina opened up for them. They were fantastic, and we got talking from there.

4) Obviously, releasing the debut album is a big deal for bands. Even though members have released albums through previous bands, do you still feel the excitement of releasing that first album to the world?

Tory: This is my first full length album in any band that I’ve called my own. It’s been a long time coming, and I’m very excited.

5) The band recently added new guitarist Kyle to the mix. How has he been handling the axe at shows?

Rob: Kyle jumped in and never missed a beat. Like, literally, he hasn't missed a beat yet.

6) The band released music videos for "A Ballad From Hell", "Destroy My Love", and "How To Rob A Bank", which actually got on MTVU. Are you guys brainstorming about any future music videos?

Rob: Always. We're currently fleshing ideas for videos for both Model Myself and Teenage Fantasies, which is interesting to do since they are on different ends of the musical spectrum.

7) Those Mockingbirds' album release show takes place on July 12th. What can fans expect from that event?

Tory: An intimate setting that is in no way what you’d imagine to be intimate. Things will get wild. There are also a limited amount of tickets, so don’t wait too long to join in the weird.

8) The band has been playing shows all over the East Coast for years now. Is there any chance of hitting up the West Coast in the future? Perhaps maybe an overseas trek?

Adam: We would love to as soon as the opportunity arises. Playing overseas is one of my biggest goals.

Tory:  That’s the plan. We’re only touring areas now that we can make it back to several times a year, because what’s the point in making fans if you can’t see them again soon? Fans, we love you.