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Review: Mindless Self Indulgence, Chantal Claret @ Irving Plaza 3.25.14

Mindless Self Indulgence

"Chris Martin from Coldplay was right. You people are pigs," shouted Mindless Self Indulgence vocalist Jimmy Urine in front of a hyperactive New York City crowd on Tuesday night. The electronic punk act are closing in on their current North American tour, and this was their last time performing in front of the hometown crowd...at least for now. When the tour routing was unveiled, the band stated that they would be going on a hiatus from touring. Seeing how their last hiatus lasted three years, fans didn't hesitate from grabbing tickets to their Irving Plaza performance.

"I fucked my way onto this tour, and I am proud to admit it," declared Chantal Claret, wife of Jimmy Urine, after set opener "Bite Your Tongue". The last time Chantal took the stage at Irving Plaza was back in 2012 for Morningwood's final show. Since then, Chantal has embarked on a solo career which found her more musically aligned with soul acts like Aretha Franklin. With two backup singers at her side, Chantal unleashed some spunky dance moves reminiscent of Diana Ross and the Supremes.

Chantal decided to shake things up for a bit during the track "Pleasure Seeker" by inserting herself in the crowd. The vocalist found herself singing lines like "He might be a lying, stealing cheater/I'm just like him/I'm a pleasure seeker" inside the middle of a hectic moshpit. There was even a cover of R&B/blues musician Andre Williams' "Jailbait", a song which Chantal called "a cautionary tale". Ending with "Light It Up", the blonde haired singer received a well-deserved round of applause from her loving fans.

"We could be having sex with our husbands and wives, but instead we're here playing for you," joked Jimmy Urine after MSI's opening song "It Gets Worse". Irving Plaza has always been a great place for the four-piece act to construct complete mayhem on stage. It's an even better atmosphere for their rabid fans to unleash their inner animal.

After lambasting platinum selling acts like Imagine Dragons and The Lumineers for their ability to gain radio play, Jimmy demanded, "You have to help us write a 'suck a dick' radio hit." While its "Whoa" section is completely akin to popular 80s hair metal tunes, the track "Fuck Machine" isn't something that Ryan Seacrest would be blaring on his radio show anytime soon.

While this was called the Greatest Hits tour, Mindless Self Indulgence still played a handful of songs from their latest album How I Learned To Stop Giving A Shit and Love Mindless Self Indulgence. This time around, the band performed a few cuts from the album that weren't performed at their last NYC show. "Anonymous" garnered a massive response from the crowd with the help of Jimmy filming their tomfoolery on his Flip camera, but "Stalkers (Slit My Wrists)" and "Jack You Up" didn't receive the same electric reaction.

The most hectic moment of the night came when Jimmy brought out a special guest on stage - a $20 bill. To show people how to support touring bands, the thin vocalist jumped off stage, marched towards his band's merch table in the next room and purchased his own band's shirt. For those wondering, he purchased the "Stalker" shirt and proceeded to place black duct tape on the "S". Fans frantically rushed to follow and touch the energetic frontman. Jimmy managed to kiss a couple of his fans on the cheek before heading back on stage for "Stalkers".

While the band had the same setlist plotted out for this tour, each member were allowed to perform one track of their choosing at each stop. Guitarist Steve Righ? chose "Keeping Up With The Kids", Mr. Urine picked "Molly", drummer Kitty wanted to bang her drumsticks through "Cocaine and Toupees", and bassist Lyn-Z plucked along to "Seven-Eleven".

With the news of Gwar frontman Dave Brockie's passing hitting the internet early Monday morning, Jimmy gave a quick shoutout to the man known as Oderus Urungus by saying, "We want you to leave here thinking every band sucks shit except for Gwar."

MSI didn't do their typical encore hijinks this evening. They simply wanted to cut to the chase and let their fans decide the final song of the night. With song choices including "Bitches", "Straight To Video" and "I Hate Jimmy Page", the crowd was obviously conflicted as to what they wanted to hear. The vast majority, however, let their voices heard for the Frankenstein Girls track "Jimmy Page".

As the band left the stage after the song, Jimmy threw on his neon shades and sang along to the classic 1950s song "The Party's Over" playing over the monitors. Who knows how long MSI's hiatus will last? Another 3 years? Maybe 5? Whatever the length, fans will be blaring their electronica punk stylings, which Jimmy expected parents to call "turn that fucking music down" music, throughout the streets of NYC and beyond until their triumphant return. (Terrance Pryor)

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