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The Men stream new track "Pearly Gates"

The Men band Brooklyn

Brooklyn outfit the Men have released a full-length album every year since 2010 and in 2014 the band will continue the tradition with their fifth studio effort, Tomorrow's Hits. The 8-track LP will see the day of light on March 4th through Sacred Bones Records. It is the outcome of three months straight of practicing and demoing nearly everyday in frontman Mark Perro's bedroom, which the guys converted into a practice space. The punk quintet ended up tracking the record over just two days at Williamsburg's Strange Weather studios prior to the release of New Moon.

This week we are greeted with the record's lead track, the manic, soul-filled "Pearly Gates". Perro's howls are laid over a bed of saxophone, keys and the band's token guitar-heavy rock. The 6-minute thrasher meets jam just might be the Men's most apprehensive work yet. Rather impressive and unexpected for a rock group five albums in.