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Review: Vampire Weekend - "Diane Young" / "Step"

Vampire Weekend

The difference between new Vampire Weekend and old Vampire Weekend doesn't really rest in the sonic components of their tracks. Of course, "Diane Young" pitches an approach the NYC quartet have yet to really dish out before, but most of the classic VW charisma is still there. "Step" instills some sound wisdom, while staying in the relaxed confines of the group's prior slowed-down pieces. Relatively, the cuts are polar opposites with the former being uncontrollably vibrant and the latter taking on the form of a reflective confession of maturity. They both, however, are void of the pervading sarcasm present on most of the outfit's previous work. Fortunately, when you're trading some humorously absurd one-liners for a bolder disposition the transition is seemingly natural.

Following a somewhat long waiting period between the announcement of their new album and the unveiling of new music, the two singles make for a strong introduction to the band's latest chapter. If the rest of the tracks on Ezra & Co.'s forthcoming Modern Vampires of the City fall somewhere in between these, as along as they keep pace with the effortless songwriting proficiency of "Unbelievers", the guys just may score their second #1 debut.