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Review: Lissie @ Webster Hall 11.25.13

Every night is a great night for live music in New York City. Monday nights aren't the exception with numerous bands playing around the city. Webster Hall was the place to be last Monday to witness one of today's rising singer-songwriters along with some acts that people should be clamoring about in the new year.

While the wintry chill in the air was unbearable, Chase Cohl's radiant melodies gave off a summery vibe. The blond hair songstress delivered the kind of performance that could soothe even the most savage beast. Lyrically, her songs tackled common struggles such as moving to a new plateau ("California") and, as Chase described it, "drinking too much and making mistakes" ("Black To Black").

Nashville's Kopecky Family Band aren't actually a family but their tight stage performance would make you think otherwise. The six piece band certainly had an affinity towards instruments; with the exception of drummer David Krohn, every member ran through numerous instruments throughout the set. Cellist Markus Midkiff would work his way with the xylophone and guitar while vocalist/guitarist Gabe Simon and bassist Cory Oxendine brought out the trombone. Vocalist/keyboardist Kelsey Kopecky wasn't out of the multitasking loop; she busted out the guitar and even banged on the drums with lead guitarist Steven Holmes. The constant instrument changes during their performance was something to behold. The band devoted most of their set to their new album Kids Raising Kids, starting with opening song "Glow". They even threw in a cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Tusk" which quickly turned into a ska-tinged jamfest. Ending with "Angry Eyes", the Kopecky Family Band gained a few new family members as they handed instruments to people in the crowd.

From opening for acts like Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty to recently performing on Conan, Lissie has the kind of drive that can easily have her filling arenas in the near future. The New York crowd certainly treated her like a megastar as she opened with the track "Bully". Similar to the Kopecky Family Band, keyboardist Jesse Siebenberg and bassist Lewis Keller each took turns on the drum set. Keller's drum situation was more laid back as he tapped on the foot pedals and hi hats while plucking on the bass. The entire crowd gave Lissie everything they had during "Record Collector" as they stomped their feet during the slow build up. Lissie's new album Back To Forever, which debuted high in the U.K. and Norwegian charts, dropped back in October so it was fitting that the vocalist would treat the crowd to some new tunes. Unlike most concerts with the intent of pushing a new release, each of the new songs were met with immediate fanfare.

"I Don't Want To Go To Work", which could be considered the everyman's anthem, was guitarist Eric Sullivan's time to shine with an electric solo while the following track "Little Lovin'" featured Lissie taking Webster Hall to church, with footstomps and fistpumps aplenty. Lissie also played "Shroud", an unreleased tune she wrote years ago during a dark segment of her life.

While Lissie gave the satiated crowd at Webster Hall some good old rock and roll, she didn't hide her affection towards hip hop. In addition to using Cali Swag District's hit "Teach Me How To Dougie" as an intro, the singer-songwriter delivered two tantalizing covers: Drake's "Hold On, We're Going Home" and set closer "Pursuit Of Happiness" from Kid Cudi. -Terrance Pryor