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Review: Adventure Club @ Webster Hall 11.8.13

Adventure Club


The weather has unfortunately went from calm to somewhat unbearable over the last few weeks. This didn't halt many from rocking bikinis and shorts to Webster Hall on Friday for its weekly Girls & Boys hosted EDM extravaganza.

Hunter Siegel was already on deck when the crowd ascended to the dancefloor at midnight. The Toronto DJ served the crowd a tasty dish of some bangers to start the evening right. Zeds Dead remix of The Prodigy's "Breathe"? Right on. Firebeatz & Schella's "Dear New York"? An obvious crowd pleaser. Hunter also dropped "Eat. Sleep. Rave. Repeat" from Fatboy Slim, a definite anthem for most in attendance. Hunter's set seemed to have brought out some major PDA, whether it were couples embracing or some lonely lad gazing lovingly at his overpriced cup of beer.

LA DJ DallasK kept things moving as the room got steamier by the second. Whether it was the ladies dancing by the monitors or the highly intoxicated people dropping beer from the balcony, everyone seemed to have a reaction towards his set. Following Hunter's choice of song, the DJ spun Noisia's remix of The Prodigy's "Smack My Bitch Up". Sampling vocals from The Killers hit "Somebody Told Me", DallasK's cut "Heaven" sent chills down ravers' spine while his remix of Zedd's "Clarity" had the crowd singing in unison. DVBBS looked more like metalheads on stage as they headbanged their way through their raucous set. The Canadian duo, which includes brothers Chris & Alex Andre, emitted so much energy that some fans felt the urge to stagedive.

While Adventure Club's tour is titled Superheroes Anonymous, many of their fans took it a step further by dressing up as their favorite superhero. A group of friends came dressed as the Ninja Turtles while a few ladies were channelling Wonder Woman. One fellow even dressed up as a pigeon! With an immense pentagon screen acting as a projector/DJ booth hybrid, Adventure Club took a page from their fans and proceeded to stagedive. The duo simply came to have fun in the Big Apple and the sold out crowd were prepared to dance until their legs gave out.

Adventure Club, which features members Christian Srigley & Leighton James, released a brand new EP appropriately titled Calling All Heroes Volume 1 and spun the whole thing to a grand response. Visually, the duo brought captivating animation that seemingly took fans on an adventure (pun intended). Many superheroes such as Iron Man, The Flash and Green Lantern were featured throughout the evening's visuals. At one point during their set, the screen mysteriously shut off and random lines of color sporadically jumped out. Was it a simple malfunction or part of the show? With the way these animations took the crowd for a joyride, it was hard to tell and many just went with the flow.

It's no secret about Adventure Club's love for pop punk music; Christian and Leighton both played in the same hardcore/pop punk band before switching to dubstep music. The duo certainly let that side out during their set with some killer remixes of Alexisonfire ("For A Friend"), Underoath ("It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door") and Blink-182 ("Adam's Song"). They also showed some love to their friends in Krewella by dropping their collaboration "Rise & Fall" and their remix of "Alive".

After their popular remix of Flight Facilities "Crave You", Adventure Club left the stage. Suddenly, random dance music burst through the speakers which caused a panic for those hoping for one more tune. The music was abruptly cut off and the loud boos came forth. For their final song, Adventure Club jumped back on deck with their remix of Yuna's "Lullabies", a track which they considered appropriate for 4:30 in the morning.