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New York Comic Con 2013 @ Javits Center (review, photos)

Red Storm Troopers

The 2013 edition of the New York Comic Con took the Big Apple by storm over four glorious days. Mother Nature's jealousy of those who snagged tickets for the sold out event led to some gloomy weather conditions. That did not stop an estimated 130,000 people from making the Javits Center the epicenter of coolness filled with panels, free swag and an overpriced Sylvester Stallone autograph signing.

Be warned: I'm not a photographer and I don't even have a legit camera. I do, however, have this amazing portable device called an Android which allows me to take photographs on command. I managed to take some photos with this impeccable Android gadget. Don't come crying to me that you can't see the exact texture of Batman's nipples. You can check out all of my pictures from NYCC here.

If you managed to miss this event, make sure to be ready to purchase tickets for next year's NYCC which takes place on October 9th-12th.


A media swarm crowded around the Madame Tussands exhibit behind the Midtown Comics booth as the legendary wax museum unveiled the figure of popular Marvel character Nick Fury. Movie star Samuel L Jackson is no stranger to wax figures with his remarkable laid back figure still being ogled at inside of the Madame Tussands museum several blocks away. As the crew revealed the Nick Fury statue, "Oohs", "Ahhs" and handclaps emitted from the cameramen and photographers on sight. Arched forward with one hand in his pocket and the other on his hip, the Nick Fury statue certainly had a demanding presence. You can check out the new figure at Madame Tussands right now.


"This is the hooker capital of the world", joked director Kevin Smith during an early morning panel for Comic Book Men, SyFy's revolving around Smith's Red Bank comic book shop called Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash. Walter Flanagan, Bryan Johnson, Michael Zapcic and Ming Chen took part of the hilarious panel on the Main Stage with a special appearance from Asbury Park Comic Con co-creator Rob Bruce halfway through. This was a simple Q & A session with fans asking various questions about the rise of digital comics (which Smith supported stating that "reading comics in the shitter don't mix"), Martin Broduer's retirement and the beauty of podcasts in this day and age.

Chucky has scared kids for 25 years now and won't stop any time soon with the recent release of the film Scare of Chucky on Blu-Ray & DVD. The 25th anniversary panel included a who's who of people involved with the franchise including director Don Mancini, Chucky voice actor Brad Dourif, Jennifer Tilly and Alex Vincent who played Andy Barclay in the first two Child's Play movies. Panel moderator Harry Knowles from Ain't It Cool News seemed very overwhelmed at times being near such a rich and lively crew. Maybe his astonishment was from being seated next to the lovely Jennifer Tilly, who received a big ovation from the crowd. Fans got to hear some stories about the making of the first Child's Play including one from Alex about his nervousness of saying the line "Aunt Maggie was a real bitch and got what she deserved" in front of his mom during the original auditions. Brad Dourif, who sat next to his daughter and Scare of Chucky actress Fiora Dourif, discussed the transformation of the Chucky character over the years. While plenty of fans yearn for a possible Chucky vs Leprechaun movie, Mancini had another crossover in mind: Chucky vs Freddy Kruger. Calling it "the horror movie version of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels", Mancini's dream plot for the movie would be a race to see who can murder the most teens before the sun comes up.

Video game fanatics from all over the world descended at Ubisoft's The Next Level gaming competition. Gamers played through games such as Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag, The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot and Just Dance 2014 to make their way to the finals later that day. Those finals found players going head to head in Divekick, one of the most exhilarating fighting games you're probably not playing right now. The winner walked away with all next gen gaming consoles (Wii U, PS4 and XBox One) and tickets to Pax East 2014.


The PlayStation 4 and the X-Box One will finally hit store shelves next month and folks are already making up excuses to miss work for this glorious occasion. So why in the bloody hell were both consoles absent from this year's New York Comic Con? While San Diego Comic Con attendees got their lucky hands on these highly anticipated consoles, the NYCC crowd got the ice cold shaft with PS3 and XBox 360 consoles placed across the floor. IGN's Greg Miller and Marty Sliva, along with The Escapist's Andrea Rene, decided to bring forth some discussion on both next gen consoles with some Wii U talk thrown in the mix. The trio talked about the rise of indie games on newer consoles, the typical P.C. vs console war and sharing playing logs. Being a big wrestling fan, it was funny hearing Greg make a handful of WWE references sprinkled throughout the panel. His Stone Cold Steve Austin impersonation might need a little work, though.

While the X-Box One wasn't there in spirit, its exclusive Killer Instinct game was present...just not for everyone to play. Twitch held a tournament with players getting their hands dirty on the brand new chapter in the K.I. franchise. While it was great to see some stellar gameplay, many in attendance would agree that it would have made their day being able to perform godlike combos with the character of their choosing.

For those that wanted to get down, the Shifty Look booth was the place to cut loose. There were a handful of chiptune acts performing that weekend including NYC duo Chillbreeze. Speaking of music, Coheed and Cambria frontman and The Armory Wars creator Claudio Sanchez also made an appearance at NYCC . With his wild mane firmly tied down, the vocalist conversed with fans while signing free autographs along with wife and Key of Z/ Kill Audio co-writer Chondra Echert. Coheed and Cambria will hit the road with Balance & Composure and I The Mighty.

When moderator Jordan White asked the crowd about which Pokemon they chose for the new Pokemon X & Y games, everyone in the room erupted in a joyous fashion. The brand new Pokemon games were released at midnight and almost everyone at NYCC were seen leveling up their new monsters while waiting to get inside panels. Jordan, along with Keith Smithsen (NYC Pokemon Castelia League), Geoffrey Kappenberg (co-founder of Streetpass NYC) and newly engaged couple Debbie Gluzband & Jeff Weinstein (co-founders of Streetpass Long Island) discussed the history of Nintendo communities from its early start with link cables to the current Streetpass system. None of this, however, would have been possible without late Nintendo owner Hiroshi Yamauchi. The entire room held a moment of silence to remember the iconic video game visionary.


"We wanna talk about feelings", Jason Narvy said at the top of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers panel. While Paul Schrier couldn't make it out to NYCC, Jason David Frank, who had massive autograph signing lines that weekend, was on hand to take questions from fans and recall memories from being on the popular kids show. The two Power Rangers stars were filling the room with laughter from start to finish. When JDF threw some free wristbands into the crowd, Narvy decided to follow suit by flinging a simple rubberband in the air. "It's a little low budget but it's got heart and soul", Narvy joked. MMPR brought martial arts to a young audience in the early 90s and plenty of 20-somethings in the crowd simply wanted to thank JDF getting them into self defense.

Hands down, the best panel of the weekend belonged to Anthony Daniels, the man behind C-3PO in the Star Wars films. Coming in through the crowd, Anthony didn't need to sit behind a table as he walked through the aisles like a motivation speaker. The close interaction with fans was very refreshing for many. The Q&A section strangely turned into a reenactment of the Star Wars: A New Hope scene where R2-D2 and C-3P0 split up at the desert. Luckily, two ladies in the crowd were already dressed for the parts of R2-D2 and C-3P0. With the addition of other audience members producing sound effects and music, the entire performance received a monstrous ovation from the crowd.

The WWE invaded this year's NYCC with their Halloween Horror panel. The electric audience got the chance to hear WWE superstars Kane (See No Evil 2) and Hornswoggle (Leprechaun: Origins) discuss their upcoming movie roles. Leprechaun: Origins director Zack Lipovsky talked about how the new film would bring a fresh new look to the franchise while giving some nods to the old films. As far as where Leprechaun could head in the future, Hornswoggle simply stated, "Two places I don't belong are the hood and in space." WWE Studios president Michael Luisi got the crowd excited by showing short clips from each film. These post-production clips simply showed the first encounter with the villain without actually showing Jacob Goodnight or Leprechaun. Both films are slated to be released next year.