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New: Dumbo Gets Mad - "Tahiti Hungry Jungle" (Azealia Banks medley)

Dumbo Gets Mad

Can't imagine what events, thought processes and inter-band collaborations had to take place for this Azealia Banks medley to be conceived, but we're just happy things worked out the way they did. If you were already looking forward to Dumbo Gets Mad's fast-approaching new full-length and have an affinity for a couple of Azealia's best works, hearing "Tahiti Hungry Jungle" may set you running for record shops. I guess you could also just preorder the LP online.

Either way, head below to check out the psych duo's latest offering, which is a bit of AB's "212" and "Liquorice" and some original DGM. Then, consider giving their previously released (and Hot New Track-certified) "Radical Leap" another spin.