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Video: Grizzly Bear - "gun-shy"

Grizzly Bear gun-shy

What does creative energy look like exactly? That's what director Kris Moyes was hoping to rhetorically figure out with the video for Grizzly Bear's "gun-shy". Through almost tongue-in-cheek extraction methods, the film maker and the Brooklyn act attempt to display creativity on a "molecular level".

In a message posted to the band's official tumblr, Moyes states: "Science has tried unsuccessfully to explain where creativity comes from. Why some humans have a creative drive and others do not, why this person can draw but does not have a musical ear, or why this person is better suited to the clarinet and not the guitar, and why some people can play every instrument they come into contact with."

Check out the clip below and find the cut on the indie rock foursome's latest album, Shields, out now through Warp.