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Review: Lana Del Rey - "Ride"

Lana Del Rey The Paradise Edition

It's understandable that many aren't fans of all the glitz and glamour that comes along with the Lana Del Rey package. And chances are if you didn't hear "Video Games" before the overload of digital age hype kicked in last year, you were destined to hate it.

While the 26 year old songstress's new single "Ride" is not going to win her any new fans or get much radio play, I don't think Grant is trying to attain either. While the Katy Perrys and Rihannas of our generation may be more in love with the idea of a Top 40 hit than they are of a perfectly-crafted pop song, it's clear Del Rey is chasing after the latter. She might not always strike gold (see the second half of Born to Die), but at least when she edits out the hard to stomach lines and has the right person behind the boards (in this case Rick Rubin) a song like "Ride" is the result.