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Album Review: The Swellers, 'Running Out Of Places To Go'

The Swellers Running Out of Places to go

Flint, Michigan punk group The Swellers have had an eventful 2012 so far. Aside from the obvious lengthy tour scheduling, the band announced their departure from Fueled by Ramen in April and celebrated their 10 year anniversary. The band has decided to do things their way by starting a record label entitled Snowbird Songs. Their new 5 song EP Running Out Of Places To Go will be the label's first release.

Self-produced by the band, Running Out Of Places To Go is another indicator of the group's evergrowing ability to write stellar arena-ready punk rock. The group's intriguing sound would easily win over fans of bands like Green Day & Foo Fighters. It's honestly even hard to consider The Swellers to be a straight up punk band when they bring such a tenacious rock flair.

The opening track "Hands" is a head bopping tune that fans will easily connect with while "Let Me In" could be a potential radio jam with its mesmerizing chorus. If you're into the faster jams, "Making Waves" will easily get the circle pits going. Destined to be a fan favorite, the song deals with the hardship of finding true friends in life ("So thanks a lot/'Cause I'm making waves and you're not/I'm done taking bad advice if that's fine by you"). The title track will instantly have you hooked within the first few seconds with its moody, gritty guitars and vocalist Nick Diener's mellow vocals ("This is for an audience of one at a time/So I'll sing it straight, I'll sing it loud"). It won't be long until you see these guys touring with Billie Joe and Dave Grohl. Running Out Of Places To Go drops on October 16th via online retailers.

Go Download: "Let Me In"


1) Hands
2) Let Me In
3) Bad For Me
4) Making Waves
5) Running Out Of Places Of Go