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Review: Charli XCX - "So Far Away"

Charli XCX You're the One EP

It is probably for the best "So Far Away" did not end up making the U.S. tracklisting of Charli XCX's You're the One EP. While the British pop newcomer is usually successful at steering clear of embarrassingly cheesy lines such as "I was looking for a bad boy/bad boy, motherfucker/destroy" and "pocket of lies/crystal blue eyes" or at least better at pulling them off, this teen pop number, which seems to pay homage to the Spice Girls, features loads of depressingly bad couplets as well as dumb downed electronic production work. Luckily, the 20 year old UK songstress clocks things out prior to the three and a half minute mark. She just premiered a "super cute" montage to go along with the single. Have a look, below.