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Review: Teen Suicide - "Give Me Back to the Sky"

Teen Suicide band

It's not just the vocals (or the band name) that give away the fact the people behind "Give Me Back to the Sky" are probably on the younger side of things. Hell, it's not even the lyrics. Well, maybe it would be the lyrics if I could make out what frontman Sam Ray is shouting, but what really lets the cat out of the bag is the unadulterated hopelessness oozing from the track–the kind that can be more often than not pinned down to a person existing in their late teens/early twenties.

If you did decide to download the group's entire new album, dramatically titled I Will Be My Own Hell Because There is a Devil Inside My Body, or just head over to their Bandcamp page, you'd be able to find the song's lyrics, which end up including everything you probably expected from them: charming half-poetry, a season reference and talk of being scared. Luckily for the Maryland trio, the doomed-from-the-start combination actually works out well for them. Really damn well.