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Review: Missy Elliot ft. Timbaland - "9th Inning" / "Triple Threat"

Missy Elliot 9th Inning

The first two minutes of "9th Inning" find Missy Elliot and Timbaland coasting safely in the above average bracket of modern day hip-hop singles, but when the second chorus kicks in so does the thought: "eh, this isn't that great of a hook". Thankfully, Elliot's verses end up saving the track from the uncharacteristically mediocre Mosley production work.

The b-side, "Triple Threat", sports a somewhat over-produced radio-ready hook and a handful of borderline corny lines. However, Timbaland redeems himself with the beat, making for a smooth listen overall. Stream both cuts, below.

76% / 71%