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Interview: The Sun The Moon The Stars

Hailing from West Paterson, The Sun The Moon The Stars (featuring ex-members of The Banner & The Oval Portrait) have been bringing their stoner metal goodness to the Garden State since 2009. I had the chance to see them tear it up at Maxwell's with Those Mockingbirds back in January.

The group recently unleashed their latest record Mind Reader (which you can stream in all of its head banging glory here) and will be performing with influential act Planes Mistaken For Stars next week in Brooklyn and Hoboken. Vocalist Matthew Dwyer took some time to discuss the new album, difficulties of being in a stoner metal act in NJ and their upcoming gigs with PMFS.


1) The band just released Mind Reader back in March. What was the recording process like?

I would imagine like most bands--going on a psilocybin trip with your buds then locking ourselves in a dark room with large amps. Once thats over, have a good laugh at the inaudible wall of sound and write some bitchin' riffs. Mind Reader was an all encompassing project where we all lent some support with the writing process. Build up, break down, repaint, demo, breath.

2) How did you guys hook up with Black Numbers?

Dave and I have been buds since The Oval Portrait was active. Even though he got his Oval Portrait tattoo covered up we still remained friends. Phil and I ran into each other at every Purpose show, but I don't think we ever said anything besides the awkward head nod "sup" back then. Once we had the record all finished I sent Dave over some tracks, exchanged dick pics, and we all met at some diner to have shitty fried food and talk punk rock.

3) The band is set to perform with Planes Mistaken For Stars on a couple of dates. How excited is everyone about that?

Those dudes have been like older brothers I only get to see every few years. It was a real bummer when they stopped playing. Luckily Mermaid in a Manhole got to do a few dates on their last east coast tour, so it's beautiful that I'll get a see them on this reunion run. Planes are one of those bands that everyone should see live. Real dudes just doing what they love. It's special.

4) New Jersey really isn't known for its stoner metal scene. Does that make it hard to find shows that would cater to your sound or do you just try to perform with different genres?

Extremely difficult. But we like to think we are doing a little more than just the stoner metal stuff so that leaves us open to play with some other genres. We've never had a show were when we walked off it felt like people wanted us off. Though there has definitely been times when someone has had to much to drink and we couldn't wait to pull the plug ourselves.

5) What are some of your favorite NJ venues to perform at?

Dude I don't know whats going on in Jersey anymore. Maxwells has always been around and it's always been one of my favorites. The Meatlocker is another staple for heavy music in North Jersey.

6) What music are you currently listening to?

The new Om is blowing my mind right now. Yellow and Green - Baroness only if i can listen to both records in one sitting. And tons of female vocals; Jex Thoth, Blood Ceremony, Jucifer, Oathbreaker. Always Charlie Manson.

7) What are the band's plans for the remainder of 2012?

We are going to release a Cream cover we did on Bandcamp real soon. Finishing up writing a new record that we want to record before the end of the year. Working on a comic book with our buddy Josh Longo. Real life keeps derailing our plans to tour, but hopefully they gets back on track.


Catch The Sun The Moon The Stars opening for Planes Mistaken For Stars at St. Vitus on August 8th and Maxwell's (w/Those Mockingbirds) on August 9th.