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Album Review: The Adicts - 'All The Young Droogs'

The Adicts All The Young Droogs

The Adicts are one of punk rock's grandest bands. Even though they haven't reached a mainstream audience like The Sex Pistols or The Ramones, the group's music and work ethic has influenced countless punk acts. Their new album All The Young Droogs, the follow up to 2009's Life Goes On, marks the band's 35 anniversary.

Fans of The Adicts know exactly what they're gonna get: catchy, upbeat punk rock that will have you signing along. Even those unfamiliar with the guys will become instantly hooked when they set their ears to the opening chords of the bouncy opener "Battlefield W1". "My Old Friend" reads like a conversation between old friends while "Rage Is The Rage" touches on how being angry is apparently the hip thing to do (Where does it get us?/What does it mean when all our anger just sells magazines?). The title-track finds the band flirting with reggae to deliver a standout cut topped with a groovy chorus backed with a choir of children. The final number "Love Lies Bleeding" is a slow tune laced with piano and violin. Lyrically, it's kinda hard to decipher whether the "love lies bleeding" part is the result of an emotional or physical confrontation between two lovers. An instant classic, All The Young Droogs is the punk album that 2012 needed. Look for it September 11th. -Terrance Pryor

Go Download : "My Old Friend"



1. Battlefield W1
2. Wild
3. Stomper
4. My Old Friend
5. Stop The World (I Wanna Get Off)
6. Give It To Me Baby
7. Rage Is The Rage
8. All The Young Droogs
9. To Us Tonight
10. Catch My Heart
11. Horrorshow
12. Love Lies Bleeding