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Deep Cuts: Weatherbox - "Two Satchels of Light" x "Youtube the Clouds"

Back in 2009, Weatherbox followed-up their well-received 2007 debut album with a dense 13-track effort called The Cosmic Drama. As the story often goes, the LP never received much of a push from the band's then label and their unique rock sound essentially alienated them from both the indie world and the punk/emo scene they were spawned from.

There aren't many cuts on Brian Warren & Co.'s second full-length that I don't like, so it makes it that much harder picking only a couple to showcase. I eventually landed on "Two Satchels of Light" and "Youtube the Clouds", which are polar opposites as far as dynamics go. With luck, they'll give you a good idea on what the San Diego quartet are all about. Enjoy both of them below.

"Two Satchels of Light"

"Youtube the Cloud (Anything That Flies)"