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Deep Cuts: Dirty Projectors - "Maybe That Was It"

Dirty Projectors Swing Lo Magellan

Hopefully you have already had the chance to play out the Dirty Projectors new album Swing Lo Magellan, which is nothing short of magic. If you have only been paying attention to the singles or blowing off the Brooklyn outfit's latest work all together, we have a couple deep cuts for you to dig into.

Maybe you remember, last October there was some drama surrounding an interview misquote, which led bandleader Dave Longstreth to take to the band's Facebook page to let the masses know that "Maybe That Was It" was not a response to the Strokes decade-owning debut LP Is This It.

Nine or so months later, I'd note it's safe to say Longstreth was in fact telling the truth – "If you saw the surface rip and bloom with rot/Some part doing what some other part will not". You can find those hazy lyrics over some schizophrenic/psychedelic instrumentation, below. We also included the Hot New Track-certified "Impregnable Question".