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Album Review: Scum of The Earth, 'The Devil Made Me Do It'

On The Devil Made Me Do It, Scum of The Earth (lead by former Rob Zombie guitarist Riggs) decided to work with programmer/producer Volkstroker to refreshen the band's horror metal sound. The end result? Ten tracks of chaotic rapture.

While some might sneer at the thought of the unholy union between metal and dubstep, the formula strangely works for Riggs and company. After one listen to the opening track "Born Again Masochist", you'll get the gist of how diabolical the combo could be. Tracks like the lead single "The Devil Made Me Do It 3"(the third song in T.D.M.M.D.I saga) and the frantic "Zombie Apocalypse" would work extremely well in clubs. "Sounds of the Dead" tones down the electronics for a bit while still managing to bring forth an impressive track concluded with handclaps. "Pray" charges with a frantic chorus while the final track "Funeral March" opens with haunting piano before melting your speakers with a bevy of blips and wobbles.

Lyrically, the album focuses on issues such as mortgages, The Alamo and pro wrestling. Okay that's a lie, but the record does focus on the typical things that you'd expect from SOTE such as zombies, vampires and death (still trying to figure out if there's an actual deeper meaning). The Devil Made Me Do It will certainly be the soundtrack to Halloween parties, goth clubs, horror films, fight scenes and The Walking Dead when it hits store shelves on August 28th. -Terrance Pryor


Go Download : "Pray", "Zombie Apocalypse"



01. Born Again Masochist
02. Via Dela Rosa
03. Zombies -vs- Skeletons
04. The Devil Made Me Do It 3
05. Zombie Apocalypse
06. Sounds of the Dead
07. Pray
08. (Mindless) Dead Things
09. Ghost
10. Funeral March