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Not Quite Classic: Modest Mouse - "Convienent Parking"

Modest Mouse The Lonesome Crowded West

While Good News for People Who Love Bad News and We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank may have each spawned a hit or two, it's common knowledge that the people attending Modest Mouse shows tend to be devoted fans. Given the fact, deep album cuts, b-sides, rarities, etc. are almost always expected when seeing the band live. However, one number that doesn't make it into the veteran group's setlist as often (ever?) as it should is The Lonesome Crowded West track "Convenient Parking".

Due to the fact the cut endlessly repeats, listeners may write it off as some sort of interlude or maybe even, consciously or subconsciously, consider it filler in an album made up of 16 songs, a handful of which surpass the five minute mark (sometimes twice over). My point is, you should give the tune another listen, and hey, maybe the number will even find it's way onto Isaac Brock & Co.'s docket of songs to play when touring in support of their still unannounced (Big Boi-produced?) sixth album.

"Convenient Parking"

"Out of Gas"