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Interview: Brick + Mortar talk 'Making Moves'

Brick Mortar band

Asbury Park group Brick + Mortar have been wowing audiences since 2008 with their groovy mix of indie rock & drum and bass. The band is set to release their new Making Moves 7" on June 19th via MAD Dragon Records/The Boombox Generation. Vocalist Brandon Asraf talks about the new release, working with Justin Pierre and their recent trip to SXSW.


1) The band is set to release their new 7" through MAD Dragon/The Boombox Generation. How did you get involved with their Making Moves project?

If it weren't for the students at Drexel picking us, we probably would not have been involved. We are kind of the wild card band in this series. We dig it.

2) What was it like working with Motion City Soundtrack's Justin Pierre & Josh Cain on the new songs?

Refreshing. Up to then, we had only had each other and Pat Noon (rad engineer and secret producer of sorts) to feed off of. This time around we had Josh and Justin to talk give us advice and to help us get some epic synth tones. It was a really open and easy process.

3) What were some things that inspired the lyrical content for the new 7"?

1. "BANGS" is about the world telling me, "I'm never gonna make it anyway," and I reply with "Dear World, Fuck off. - love Brick + Mortar." The song says no matter what people say to you, keep pressing forward because you'll make it, whatever it is that your doing with your life.

2. "OLD BOY" is about my living up to my absentee father's legend as he was a Morrocan-Israeli diamond smuggling playboy-conman.  My childhood was kind of like the movie "Blow" but with more hummus.

3. "OTHER DRUGS" is about using love, music and drugs to cope with my own issues.

4) Will the band release a full length in the future?

We have to!  I have too many songs in my head right now not to. We are just doing what we do right now. Going to tour off this release for a bit and we will be releasing an official music video for "Bangs". It's like a mini movie.  

5) The band recently performed at SXSW this year. How did that go?

Well, at first, it was a disaster! Our sampler shut off in the first 10 seconds of the first song. So there we were, in front of 200 kids waiting for our fucking sampler to boot up!  So, I decided to blame our lawyer Brooks. Somehow my stage rambling led the crowd into chanting "Fucking Brooks!!" Next thing I know the sampler boots up and we rip through our set! Honestly, the best show for us on the tour. Those kids had no clue who we were and we won them over. I love earning the crowd.

6) What are some of your favorite NJ venues to play at?

Asbury Lanes who just renovated their inside which looks amazing, and also Maxwell's, a place that will always give you grub, cheap ass parking, and beers.

7) What music are you currently listening to?

The Doors, Black Lips, The Roots, Death Grips, Animal Collective, Kimbra, MIA, Caribou, Wu-Tang, Bauuer,  Vacationer, Oscar + Martin, We Are Augustines, Santigold.

8) What else can we expect from Brick+Mortar in 2012?

Hopefully a lot more tours!!! We'll have a slew of music videos coming out, and possibly a full length.


Pre-order Brick+Mortar's upcoming Making Moves 7" right now via Interpunk. Check out our review of the release here.