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Album Review: HavocNdeeD - 'Distoria'

HavocNdeeD Distoria EP

If you haven't heard the name HavocNdeeD, you will soon. The dubstep/glitch/rock group have been slowly making a name for themselves with their dynamic singles and popular dubstep remixes of She Wants Revenge & Linkin Park tracks. The trio features OB-one (Las vegas), J. Paul (Phoenix) & newly added member Skaught Perry (Salt Lake).

HavocNdeeD's Distoria EP features six killer tracks including a new mix of their 2010 single "Headspin". "Waiting Game" is a beast of a song featuring a vigorous chorus with the kind of screams that you'd expect to hear in a metal song. "Breathing In Seconds" finds manic bass clashing with beautiful piano. The boot stomping, hand clapping jamboree "At Last" will certainly throw the listener off guard. There's also the vibacious number "Vision" and the explosive cut "Where Do We Go". The guys are coming for your eardums and you can't do anything about it but love it. Make sure to pick up the EP on July 10th via 119 Sound. - Terrance Pryor

Go Download: "Waiting Game"

1) Where Do We Go
2) Waiting Game
3) Vision
4) Headspin (Distortia mix)
5) Breathing In Seconds
6) At Last