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The NJ Underground is now Fake Walls

FakeWalls.com Logo

For three years, theNJUnderground.com has been going through various changes. We've been focused on continuously improving to the best of our abilities. I've always been passionate for the music and events associated with NJ and will continue to appreciate them. Granted, this site deserves more. I came to realize recently that it wasn't fair to the site to strictly adhere solely to Jersey related material. The original editorial direction remained the same for its inaugural year regardless. I've since been expanding music coverage, along with the site's talented contributors, in an effort to better suit our growing audience.

The past twelve months have been very exciting. The site has taken on a life of its own as it continues to spread. I've personally been ecstatic over the news we've been able to provide on a daily basis. Although I do regret the lack of focus there was at times. It becomes difficult to weed out a growing desire for an increase in traffic as well as the revenue concerns that come along with it. For those reasons, I'd like to personally apologize for any and all of the weaker posts that the site may have had in the past. Rest assured, that shit is not going to cut it anymore.

With great pleasure, I'd like to announce that the site's name has now been officially changed to FakeWalls.com. The web address won't be the only change you'll see though. You'll also find more focused coverage along with interesting additional content. In order to truly stand out from the myriad music blogs out there, all of which usual post about 10-20 times a day, expect to see various types of diverse news stories as well as a comprehensive outlook into the Indie-Rock, Electronic & Hip Hop music genres. It may take some time to find the appropriate dialogue and balance, but great things come with time. We will find our voice. So bear with us through our growing pains because in the end it will truly be worth it.

We still have some technical issues to work out regarding the domain name change, which may slow news coverage down this week, but things should be at 100% starting Monday. Since Twitter is awesome and allows users to change their name, if you already follow us, you don't need to do anything. Facebook, however, just started allowing Fan Pages to change their name, but they have not made the option available to Websites/Blogs just yet, so we're going to give it a few weeks. We'll let you know if we have to create a new one.

Lastly, big thanks to all you readers out there!! And to our current and past contributors including: Terrance Pryor, Brian Reilly, Bryant Kitching, Sam Weiss, Nicole Mago, Dan Bassini, Chris Becker, Keeyahtay Lewis, Catherine Powell, Deena Thirteen, Colin Rieser Ken Lavey, Jason Archbold, Kenny Shin, Emily Thompson, Clara Hung, Rachel Wass and anyone I may have left out. Also, huge thank you to all the publicists we have worked with and all the great music blogs/sites we've become familiar with!!

Now back to music news.

-Matt, FW/NJU