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Track by track: White Fence, 'Family Perfume Vol. 1'

White Fence Family Vol 1

Hopefully by now you've been able to let White Fence's recently released album, Family Perfume Vol. 1, soak in a bit. We bring this up for a couple reasons. One, Vol. 2 (yes, another full-length) is set to drop just two weeks from now. Secondly, WF mastermind Tim Presley has been kind enough to give us an in depth look at the stories behind five of the LP's tracks.

You might be happy to know none of the songs are about woman. Well, actually there is one, but it's sort of an anti-love song. Other subjects include a downside to pill/drug addiction most don't contemplate often, Presley's itch to constantly be on the move and finally writing a song for himself. We also find out that "Do You Know IDA Know" is a tune written by his "stubborn genius" friend Jack Adams. Get informed below.



is a about a girl who leaves her man for a famous man. This girl is an opportunist. And can't balance between feelings of true love, and the love for status or recognition. Piggy backing on someone who is popular . to live vicariously in their fame, and perhaps further her career by rubbing shoulders with the crowds he is involved in. Her conscience is compromised between right and wrong. Love and career. All while the hurt man, sees the girls new man in magazines and posters. being constantly reminded and haunted by this. And then when she finally achieves a glimpse of fame through her devious ugliness, it will turn, and happen to her. To sum it up, as time goes on and she has a moment to herself:  it's how the past looks at you. 



This is about taking pills for escape and defense brought on by life's constant hammering. then when that systematic high starts to make you feel "normal", how do you stop and live without it? its the long white curtain shielding from the harsh hot sun that is real-life. a shield of heavy armor. but how long can you wear it? 



This is one the few songs i can sit back and think i finally nailed it on the head. something i've wanted to express for so long, and it never came out right until now. A miniature melancholy perfect masterpiece of music: for me... i finally wrote a song for myself.


Do You Know IDA KNOW?

My friend Jack Adams, aka John Webster Johns, aka John Dust, aka Muzz, is a stubborn genius. he wrote this song. Sometimes i would play in his group, either drums, guitar or bass, and i loved this song (as well as others) so much. He writes a lot so he's constantly changing his set, so old songs get pushed back and rarely played. He wouldn't ever play it now unless you begged him. So, i took it upon myself to do a version. I thought it was too beautiful a song to let it be put on the shelf.  And i am right about that. He play guitar in White Fence sometimes, and i love him. He just self-released a cassette that is so very incredible. it is called "Light Show" by MUZZ. Besides Mark E. Smith, he's the only other musician i am intimidated by (in a good way, of course).



When you have white line fever, it can be difficult to deal with normal life. When you start to enjoy missing somebody almost as much as being with them... its a sickness. its romantic to me to be on the road and miss my girlfriend back home. i feel my need to go on tour could stem from my childhood.  i had divorced parents and would stay with one for 2 weeks, then the other for 2 weeks. constantly moving back n' forth. I lived out of a suitcase. i never unpacked my bags. So, leaving & touring feels normal too me. I hate it, but also can love it. This song is about all that, but also: one time i started feeling very comfortable at home. domesticated. and just when i thought i could maybe be alright with me parking my wheels for a long time, possibly forever; a tour was offered and i took it. and away i went....with the hermes blues again.