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Download new Childish Gambino track "We Ain't Them"

Childish Gambino Drake Take Care Cartoon

Donald Glover took to his Twitter account about an hour ago to express some things that have been on his mind lately. Though he did decide to do this over 40 or so tweets, the Los Angeles rapper/actor by no means pulled a Kanye. He touched on his background, irresponsible bloggers ("People will hate me/ my shit, but post my shit cause they want the web hits, cuz fans follow it. And I'm really lucky to have fans like that") and his love for creating things.

The end result was the release of another Childish Gambino track, which though tagged as "Untitled", was previously performed under the name "We Ain't Them", so we're going to call it that for now at least. The cut also came with the interesting artwork above and a lengthy letter. Expect it to appear on his forthcoming mixtape. Download and/or stream the number below.

Earlier this week we heard "Unnecessary" featuring ScHoolboy Q.