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Those Mockingbirds release new single "The Difference Between Love & Addiction"

Those Mockingbirds

Those Mockingbirds are currently working on a new album and decided to give us all some new music for our listening pleasure. You can download their just released single "The Difference Between Love and Addiction" for free here. Violinist Tory Daines was nice enough to answer a few questions about the new track and the group's forthcoming LP material.


1) What's the song "The Difference Between Love and Addiction" about?

The song is about figuring out whether the relationship you're in with a person is really love or just an addiction to the feeling of not being alone, abusive behavior, or lying to yourself.

2) What was the recording process for the track?

We recorded the song with Patrick Noon at the Eight 16 studio. We recorded the song the same as we play it live, it was a pretty straight forward translation from live to studio.

3) Speaking of recording, the band is currently recording new material. How is that going?

The band is always recording music or writing new songs to record. The creative process with Those Mockingbirds seems to never hit a wall because we are all such creative people, if one person is in a block they have 4 other people to step up to the plate. With that said recording is always a great process. You can expect some of our best songs in the next year!

4) What's next on the agenda for Those Mockingbirds?

We're currently working on a new music video, I don't want to give away too much so I'll just say that it will definitely reflect the sound visually on our latest EP and will be nothing like the "Honest Honest" music video. Get excited it's going to be epic!!

5) Sloths or Pandas?

This is by far the hardest question in this interview! Uhm How about we just say a ferret and call it even?