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Refused, Ceremony @ Terminal 5 4.23.12 (review, setlist, video)

Refused band

An extremely packed house at Terminal 5 isn't something that most would expect on a Monday night. Many people from all over North America gathered to the prestigious NYC venue to catch Swedish hardcore act Refused perform during their two night stint in the area.

Ceremony quietly got on stage and performed a great set that covered most of the band's discography. Vocalist Ross Farrar was a walking time bomb as he bounced around on stage while occasionally bumping into his bandmates. He also managed to sing while twirling a broken mic stand. Most of the crowd wasn't into the set but that didn't stop Ceremony fans from starting circle pits. Ceremony recently released Zoo via Matador Records.

An ambient noise was heard through the venue as they were setting up Refused's equipment followed by a large black curtain dropped in front of the stage. As the lights from the stage appeared to show the word "Refused" through the curtain, the crowd went bananas. A few seconds later, the curtain dropped to the floor as Refused opened their set with "Worms of the Senses / Faculties of the Skull". The energy felt in Terminal 5 during the group's set was indescribable. Even if you only knew one or two Refused songs, you really got a sense of how much the band meant to so many people. The band put on one of the best performances I've seen in years.

I was certainly convinced that vocalist Dennis Lyxzén was possessed by the ghost of James Brown as he moved his sweet feet during the set. During the set, Dennis talked about the band's turmoil during their last U.S. tour and how the band was considered by many in their homeland to be a Swedish band posing as a NYHC band. As a show of affection for NYHC, the band invited Sick Of It All frontman Lou Koller for SOIA classics "Clobberin" Time" and "Injustice System".

As they played the opening chords of "New Noise" for the encore, the crowd erupted as they knew what they were in for: 5 minutes and 8 seconds of pure, unapologetic insanity. Hell, I can imagine every single New Yorker sense what was happening, stopped what they're doing just to yell the three words that everyone in Terminal 5 have been waiting to hear all night: "Can I scream?". I was worried that T5 would have collapsed under all the of the intensity from the performance. The band decided to end their set with the epic number "Tannhäuser/Derivè" which turned the venue in the ulitmate moshpit. You can view Refused setlist along with video from the performance below. Catch the band on their summer tour with OFF! if you're an honest fan of hardcore music.




Refused setlist

Worms of the Senses / Faculties of the Skull
The Refused Party Program
Liberation Frequency
Rather Be Dead
Coup d'état
Summerholidays vs. Punkroutine
The Deadly Rhythm
Hook, Line and Sinker
Refused Are Fucking Dead
The Slayer
It's Clobberin' Time  (Sick of It All cover) (with Lou Koller)
Injustice System  (Sick of It All cover) (with Lou Koller)
The Shape of Punk to Come

New Noise
Tannhäuser / Derivè