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Interview: Enter Shikari

Enter Shikari

U.K post-hardcore band Enter Shikari are back with a brand new album entitled A Flash Flood of Colour (check out our review here) and are set to take America by storm (again) with their headlining tour along with Letlive and At The Skylines. Bassist Chris Batten spoke to us about recording their new record in Thailand, pizza and the band's very first New Jersey show.


1) All three of your albums have a distinct feel to them.  Was that something that was planned or was just a natural progression?

It's actually something that just came very naturally to us. I guess it comes from having a thriving local scene growing up, having the London Scene on our doorstep where we had every genre of music imaginable to influence us. Our sound has always come very naturally to us. The only limits we set ourselves when writing are to push ourselves outside of our comfort zone. We try and write music that we find interesting and exciting. 


2) What was it like recording A Flash Flood of Colour in Thailand?

It was an amazing experience, far better than any of us thought we deserved. The best thing about it was that it was totally relaxing and secluded. We had written the majority of the album before we flew out, so it was literally a case of experimenting with tones, instrumentation etc. Thailand gave us the perfect environment to do so.

3) This is your first album on Hopeless Records. How is it working with them as opposed to Interscope?

Well it's been great so far! The whole major label experience we had on the previous album just didn't suit us. We were a small fish in a big pond and it was a frustrating experience. Now we're with Hopeless we feel a lot more comfortable. They really look out for their bands and we're happy to be a part of the family. With Interscope, we found it very hard to push forward with ideas, because there would always be an accountant, or someone’s boss slowing things down. Hopeless are a much smaller family and they just let us be ourselves.


4) What was it like filming the music video for "Arguing With Thermometers"?

Probably the funnest video shoot we've ever done. Video shoots can tend to drag on sometimes, but with the comedy aspect to the video, we had a great time making it with a great bunch of dudes. First video we shot outside of the UK too.


5) You recently posted video from a 2007 show in Garfield, New Jersey. What was it like playing that show?

Yeh, we stumbled upon some old footage of that show that we thought was long gone. We always talk about that show and remember it as one of the hottest shows we ever played. It was a real stripped down show, there was no bullshit, just a vocal PA and some guitar amps. It was symbolic of all the shows we played in the early days.


6) What are some of your favorite things about New Jersey?

The Soprano family, the Garfield show we played, in fact all the shows we've played in New Jersey, it's always one of the North American highlights, the Stone Pony shows, I guess!


7) From recent tour videos, it seems as if the band is very fond of pizza. So I have to ask: What's your favorite kind?

I'd say we were more fond of In N’ Out Burger… hat's our home away from home in the States. Favourite pizza… well, I guess the Chicago deep dish is something to be desired! With pepperoni.


8) What are you most looking forward to about your upcoming U.S. headlining tour?

Well it's gonna be really nice getting to play a headline set. The last few times we came over we were doing support tours, or Warped Tour, where we only get to play for half an hour. This time round, we wanna give those fans who have turned up regardless an amazing show. Also, we get to tour with our buddies in Letlive again. Love those guys, such an exciting band!


9) What does Enter Shikari hope to get done in 2012?

Well with a new album out it's pretty much going to be filled with shows. We'll be doing a lot of headline tours, and fitting in as many European festivals as we can.


Catch Enter Shikari on their headlining tour with stops at Philly's Theatre of Living Arts (April 5th) and Irving Plaza (April 6th). Tickets are on sale right now via Livenation.