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Ariel Pink & R. Stevie Moore detail collaboration

Ariel Pink Klux Glam

Two lo-fi outsider musicians have joined forces for a predictably bizarre new release. LA’s Ariel Pink and New Jersey’s own R. Stevie Moore have an album entitled (unfortunately) Ku Klux Glam on the way. The pair recorded the 61-track album a little while back but have yet to release it.

Now 20 of the 61 songs will be available on April 30 as a limited edition cassette release from Stroll On Records. A full digital version is currently available over at R. Stevie Moore’s Bandcamp. There’s also a double-disc vinyl release of Ku Klux Glam in the works. Listen to album track “No Zipper” and take a look at the tracklist below.



Ku Klux Glam cassette tracklist

01. Desperation Passion (coda) 
02. Dutch Me 
03. No Zipper 
04. Come My Way 
05. Whunt 12 For 3 
06. Cherry Baby Come Out 2 Night 
07. Desperation Passionate 
08. Lo-Fi No Cry 
09. Fader Masturbater 
10. Jacuzzi Spa 
11. Stevie Pink Javascript 
12. Carmen Come On 
13. Haunted Graffridgerator 
14. Bar-B-Cutie Klux Clamsauce
15. Doldreams 
16. I Hope That U Remember 
17. What Else Am I Not Supposed to Do 
18. Sacred Snow 
19. Desperation Passionrose Serge