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Stream The Mountain Goats & Anonymous 4's Ecstatic Music Festival performance

Mountain Goats

Over the weekend New York City’s Ecstatic Music Festival hosted Southern California lo-fi outfit the Mountain Goats and medievalist a cappella quartet Anonymous 4. The odd pairing took to the stage this Saturday, March 24 at Merkin Concert Hall for a stirring night of music.

First Anonymous 4 did an 11-song opening set, then the Mountain Goats came out for nine songs. The highlight of the night, though, came when the Mountain Goats and Anonymous 4 took the stage together to perform six tracks from the Mountain Goats’ forthcoming Transcendental Youth. Listen to the concert in full and check out the setlist below. 


The Mountain Goats & Anonymous 4 setlist

Anonymous 4

Lection: Apocalypse 21:1-5
The Lord's Prayer (John Tavener)
Motet: Salve virgo regio/Ave goriosa mater/[DOMINO]
Motet: Gaude virgo nobilis/Verbum caro factum/ET VERITATE
Benedicamus domino: Belial vocatur
Conductus: Nicholai presulis
Song: Novus Annus Adiit
Trope: Gratulantes celebremus festum
The Scientist (Richard Einhorn)
Religious Ballad: Wayfaring Stranger
Folk hymn: Parting Friends 

The Mountain Goats

Tribe of the Horned Heart
In the Shadow of the Western Hills
Slow West Vultures
Hail St. Sebastian
Your Belgian Things
Wild Sage     
1 John 4:16
Enoch 18:14    

The Mountain Goats & Anonymous 4

Until I Am Whole
Transcendental Youth
In Memory of Satan
White Cedar
Lakeside View Apartments Suite
Counterfeit Florida Plates