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Listen: Fanfarlo - "Vostok, I Know You Are Waiting"


In celebration of Russian scientists being "a mere 5 metres away" from reaching an untouched fresh water lake that has been buried under "12,000 feet (3,750 metres) of ice" for the past million years or so, Fanfarlo have decided to drop a track about the Lake (Lake Vostok). Appropriately, the UK group have titled the tune "Vostok, I Know You Are Waiting". Give it a listen below. Look for the cut to appear on the special edition of their forthcoming LP, Rooms Filled With Light.

In honour of the exciting news, the possible discovery of new forms of life and a greater understanding of evolution of life on Earth, or waking up a sleeping alien space ship, OR indeed the possibility of releasing a massive gas cloud that will change the arctic climate and eventually annihilate us all, we’d like to share our song, “Vostok, I Know You Are Waiting.”

update: the band took down the track