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Building the Leak: The Shins, 'Port of Morrow'

The Shins Port of Morrow

James Mercer & Co. drop their fourth full-length, Port of Morrow, March 16th on Mercer's very own Columbia Records imprint Aural Apothecary. Can't wait? Then give the cuts, live videos and more a try below.

While The Shins did wrap up a world tour last month, the group do still have a slew of festivals scheduled for the summer. They have also been releasing visuals left and right, so expect more of those to keep us occupied. Oh and there was a choir of children that performed their staple "New Slang".


Status: Not Leaked



01. The Rifle's Spiral
02. Simple Song
03. It's Only Life
04. No Way Down
05. September 
06. Bait and Switch
07. Fall of '82
08. For A Fool
09. 40 Mark Strasse
10. Port of Morrow


Music Video:


Officially Released:


Live Videos:

"Bait and Switch"

"For A Fool"