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The Faint @ Terminal 5 12.7.12 (review)

By Terrance Pryor

The Faint haven't performed since 2009. The band wanted to take a break and live life which is okay in my book. When word hit about their Danse Macabre tour, people everywhere started dancing to their tunes to get ready to catch them live. While dance parties are cool, everyone knows that NYC can get down better than everyone.

Around 9pm, Icky Blossoms took the stage. Hailing from The Faint's hometown of Omaha, the dance rock group put on a tight performance filled with dancy synths and flashing lights. Vocalist Sarah Bohling had a mysterious aura throughout the set. Not sure if it had anything to do with the lights or the way her hair forcefully covered her eyes. Much of the crowd was pretty still with the exception of some lively yet annoying kids in the front. Trust seemed a bit out of place on the show. While they put on a great set, the Canadian group's darkwave sound would probably have a better reaction at goth clubs. Vocalist Robert Alfons spent the entire set awkwardly fidgeting on stage while a ton of smoke filled the air. Actually, the only negative thing about their entire set was the overabundance of smoke. Sometimes less is more.

The crowd at Terminal 5 were patiently waiting for dance rock maestros The Faint who took the stage around 11pm. The band kicked things off with a new song entitled "Unseen Hand", which found vocalist Todd Fink, who donned a nifty cowboy hat and suit, clawing at the air "searching for an unseen hand". The Faint followed with Wet From Birth cuts "Dropkick the Punks" and "Desperate Guys". After "Take Me To The Hospital", the band went right into the Danse Macabre album with "Agenda Suicide". "Total Job" was a treat to hear live seeing how the band haven't performed it in quite some time. Towards the end of "Let The Poison Spill From Your Throat", bassist Dapose experienced technical issues which took around 15 minutes to fix. During the wait, Fink and keyboardist Jacob Thiele kept things upbeat as they signed vinyl and discussed Chuck D impersonations.

Whenever a band does one of these album shows/tours, there's always one or two songs that have never been played live before. "Violent" happened to be that song and The Faint did manage to have problems with the intro before restarting it. After "Ballad of a Paralysed Citizen", the band went back into playing some more tunes including their cover of Sonic Youth's "Mote". For the encore, the unit performed their latest single "Evil Voices", which sounded more rich live. Fink & Co. ended the evening with a crowd chanting performance of "Paranoia".




Unseen Hand
Dropkick the Punks
Desperate Guys
Victim Convenience
Take Me to the Hospital
Agenda Suicide
Glass Danse
Total Job
Let the Poison Spill From Your Throat
Your Retro Career Melted
Posed to Death
The Conductor
Ballad of a Paralysed Citizen
The Geeks Were Right
Call Call
Mirror Error
Mote (Sonic Youth cover)
Worked Up So Sexual


Evil Voices
I Disappear