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Review: Animal Collective - "Crimson"

Animal Collective Crimson

The "Applesauce" 10" single that is set to hit stores on Record Store Day (November 23rd) will come backed with non-album track "Crimson". You may have heard a session version of the tune, when Animal Collective debuted the number live on KCRW back in September. Today, the indie stalwarts upped the official studio take onto Youtube. 

The slower-paced experimental ballad finds Avey Tare bringing us an off-beat narrative, with some contemplative lyrics thrown in at the end ("When people start talking it's hard to know why/are we speaking our minds or just passing the time?"). Wavering vocals, sporadic percussion and some semi-token random AC sounds shuffled in, make the cut a rather alluring B-side that would have fit in just fine on Centipede HZ.