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Album Review: The Agony Family, 'Earth!'

The Agony Family Earth

Nothing says "chock-full of ideas" like a double album, right? Well, that's exactly what The Agony Family have done with their 2-disc opus Earth!. The New Jersey prog rock band, fronted by ex-Moraine keyboardist Greg Scalera, have been making some moves since the release of their debut album Yourself United. The group recently released a live DVD earlier this year.

Much like Yourself United, Earth! features a handful of guest spots from various singers from the NJ/NYC area including Socratic vocalist Duane Okun. This time around, the band have leaned towards a space rock vibe which is evident in tracks like "Human Time Machine" and "Genesis". "I Stop Clocks" is a piano driven number with an epic synth-filled chorus while "I Should've Never Tried" is a straight-up catchy tune with gripping melodies. "Runner" is a standout track featuring guest vocalist Audra Taliercio taking the lead. The chorus for this track is absolutely splendid as Audra's voice meshes eloquently with the racing piano.

The one problem that plague most double/triple albums is the simple fact that one disc always falls flat. That's unfortunately the case with this album as the second disc isn't as memorable. However, this doesn't mean that there aren't some great tunes to be heard. "Rebuild Yourself" is a funky, two minute rocker in which Scalera proclaims "Don't tell me you already know yourself/Unravel yourself and rebuild yourself" while "Horror Film" is drenched in devious synth lines that could have been easily placed in, you guessed it, a horror film. The final four tracks are part of The Last Seasons arc. These songs easily show the band's strength in creating tight music (especially the cut "The Last Seasons IV: Before You Die You See the Spring"). Overall, Earth! shows a vast growth from Yourself United. Fans of Coheed and Cambria, Jimmy Eat World and Muse should certainly pick this up. -Terrance Pryor



Disc One
1. Human Time Machine
2. Genesis
3. And You, Brutus (ft. Mark Woodbridge of Speak Easy)
4. The Good Life
5. I Stop Clocks (ft. Alex Farkas of All New Atmosphere)
6. Detonate
7. Fallen
8. I Should've Never Tried
9. Lost (ft. Duane Okun of Socratic)
10. Runner (ft. Audra Taliercio)
11. On Top of the World (ft. The Cast of Razia's Shadow at Playhouse 22)
12. War (ft. Robyn Lee Horn)
13. Don't Get Carried Away With the Current (ft. Rachelle Dorce)
14. You Will Not Die Alone

Disc Two
1. Earth!
2. Go: A Journey (ft. Spots)
3. All It Ever Is
4. Rebuild Yourself
5. Roots
6. Angel
7. The Ghost of Love
8. No End
9. Horror Film
10. There Again (ft. TJ McNeill)
11. The Last Seasons I: Winterlude
12. The Last Seasons II: Autumnatic
13. The Last Seasons III: The Summer of All Fears (ft. Lauren Sodono)
14. The Last Seasons IV: Before You Die You See the Spring