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Review: How to Destroy Angels - "Keep It Together"

How to Destroy Angels

The beat found on the first track to be released from How to Destroy Angels' forthcoming An Omen EP mirrors what has become a bit of a standard in the modern day electronica realm–sporadic percussion, infernal low-end, etc. While Trent Reznor may have helped spearhead similar dark ambient approaches over two decades ago, HTDA's modern day version seems to fit safely inside a musical movement growing overrun.

Though Trent borrows from both his past NIN work and the IDM trends of today, the veteran musician's ability to flawlessly produce still gives him an output worth taking notice of. One-off bass-riffs, echoed-out guitar parts and vocal harmonies are all perfectly executed and layered in the mix.

The lyrics are not bad per se and are probably relatable to most, but they're not solely going to have anyone running back for multiple listens. In the pop world, certain lines are beaten to death since consumers like a hook they can remember and sing-a-long with. A different class of musicians sometimes use repetition as a powerful way to build meaning in a line. The endless reiteration of "I can't keep it together" frustratingly falls into neither the former or latter situations. Instead, the repetition and instrumental break seem like ways to kill time until an idea turns into a viable lead single.