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Review: Christopher Owens - "Here We Go"

Christopher Owens Lysandre

Almost four months ago, Christopher Owens announced his abrupt departure from Girls, a band he founded and was essentially just him and Chet "JR" White. Today, we get our first helping of his solo work, which comes along with the news of a debut album release (out 1/15).

"Here We Go" finds Owens stripping away any experimental approach to song structure and recording present on Girls albums for a more traditional folk rock style. While Chris has previously displayed his ability to pull off genuinely moving tunes with not much more than a guitar and his voice (e.g. "Solitude"), the forthcoming album's lead single also sees the San Francisco troubadour taking the emotional intensity down a notch. A move that might just be for the worse. Though well-crafted and sincere, the tune falls a bit short of expectations. At least the electric guitar tone at the end is on point.