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Review: Kanye West - "White Dress"

The Man with the Iron Fists soundtrack

Artists always receive a pass for contributing sub par material to movie soundtracks. Film executives are happy to have notable acts and notable acts are happy to land Tinseltown money. While fans can be perceived as the losers in the equation, even they by now have excepted the long-running attention-trading tradition.

After being on top of the rap game for close to nine years, it shouldn't come to anyone's surprise that even a track Kanye West didn't want on his Cruel Summer compilation and his pending sixth solo album is still on a level higher then most commercial artists lead album singles. On "White Dress", we see Yeezy and RZA (acting as producers) lay out a soulful, organic foundation for the former to glide over with a romantic narrative, which also includes its fair share of entertaining one-liners such as: "Some of the models are too coked up to walk straight". Basically, it's West once again showing us why he sits atop the hip-hop throne.