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Review: Purity Ring - "Belispeak II" ft. Danny Brown

Purity Ring and Danny Brown

When there is no filter for posting new tracks from buzzworthy artists, sometimes copy/paste mashups devoid of any substance, "Belispeak ll", end up making their rounds on top tier music and lifestyle websites.

Obviously there was no moment when editors had to decide whether or not they were going to publish this massive flop of a collaboration, but there was definitely a deft maneuvering of adverbs in order to not deliver the track much praise while at the same time not hurting their site's chances of landing a social media share from either of the two acts.

There's a lot of mention on how a Purity Ring and Danny Brown collab could implode the internet, which is the most obvious sign that this promotional MP3 is simply just an audio form of blog bait and when you click play the track does nothing to prove otherwise.

On the remix of sorts, Purity Ring present their well-manicured dream pop fluff with barely audible vocals while adding ear-piercing stock drum rolls. Danny Brown drops a verse that isn't a complete failure, but is clearly him in cruise control and out of place in general.

Unfortunately, "Belispeak ll" is less of a parody of what blogs hype in 2012 and more of a brutally honest depiction. Usually musicians are just way less obvious about manufacturing viral duds. If you're curious, you can search for the MP3 over at Youtube.