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Watch the Mountain Goats play a new song - "In Memory of Satan"

Mountain Goats

The Mountain Goats have finished up the first week of their tour, and they haven’t been holding back on the new songs. As previously reported, the band debuted four tracks from the new album (tentatively titled Transcendental Youth) earlier this week after practicing them together for the first time just a day before the show. Of the four songs — “In Memory of Satan”, “Transcendental Youth”, “Diaz Brothers”, and “Night Light” — only footage of “Diaz Brothers” surfaced immediately.

Now there is footage circulating of “In Memory of Satan” from a performance at Tallahassee’s Club Downunder on Monday night. This one is another classic Mountain Goats track, with wordy lyrics, frantic vocals, and sparse musical accompaniment.

Frontman John Darnielle described the song to Rolling Stone earlier this week, saying: “Everyone has spent those years, or maybe entire seasons, indoors where you don’t really leave. That’s when you go into the inner realms of the spirit. This guy’s in hiding, and it’s this most spiritual realm. That old saying holds here, that you can’t be in a cave unless there’s an exit, or else it’s a grave”. Watch “In Memory of Satan” (the song starts around 1:30) and “Diaz Brothers” below.