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Dr. Dog posts another 'Be The Void' preview - "Vampire"

Dr Dog

Dr. Dog released the latest in a string of four 30-second previews of songs from the upcoming Be The Void. As with “These Days”, “Big Girl”, and “Heavy Light”, the preview comes as a video of a very stripped down version of the track. This time it’s track seven, “Vampire”, and it’s just guitar and drums. From the tiny sample available, “Vampire” sounds like another fun, psychedelic track from the Philadelphia band.

According to the post, the video is “an early rehearsal of Vampire, with the stain glass windows from last tour hanging in the window above the air-conditioner. The temperature outside was consistently in the 90s, with 90 percent humidity, and when the air-conditioner was turned off for tracking, it got extremely warm in the studio”. Be The Void comes out February 7 via ANTI-, take a look at all four snippets below.