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Interview: Those Mockingbirds

Those Mockingbirds

NJ rockers Those Mockingbirds are set to release their new EP Fa Sol La next Tuesday via all digital outlets. To get everyone excited for the release, the band has placed their single "Coast To Coast" (which was released back in July) up for free download at their blog. Violinist extraordinaire Tory Daines and guitarist Jonathan Gianino answers a few questions about the new EP.


1) What was the recording process like for the new EP?

Tory Daines: We recorded the majority of the EP at the Wild Arctic in Queens, with two fantastic recording engineers & producers, Shawn Kimon and Dean Baltulonis. We had worked with Shawn there before when we recorded "The Chain" so we were already familiar with the studio. We recorded 3 songs at our drummer Kevin's apartment, he mixed those 3. The others songs on the EP were mixed by Howard Willing, of whom we are all big fans of because he had worked with bands we adore like the Smashing Pumpkins, so that was exciting.

Jonathan Gianino: It helped that the songs were ready to go prior to entering the studio.. so overall the process was smooth but there's always changes to be made along the way simply because the studio is a different beast vs. playing live.  coffee and sub-par takeout helped us along the way.

2) What were some things that influenced you when it came to songwriting?

JG: Everything. You begin to wonder where the line is drawn between your daily life and when you're playing music. But really it's all one in the same. It's a conversation between 5 people. Adam Bird generally comes to us with the skeleton and we give it clothes. At the end of the day, it's what makes you feel good.

TD: At the point where I step into the writing process, I focus more on melodic lines than structures so with many of the songs on this EP I wrote full string parts with only a violin to imitate an orchestra or quartet, so classical 'part-writing' played a huge role in making those parts sound full. Also there are some Spanish inspired parts, and an organ part inspired by the musical accompaniment to silent films.

3) How will this differ from No Symmetry?

TD: It's really Night and Day. When we released No Symmetry we had just started the band. It took until we recorded Fa Sol La, to get to the point where we sound like complete. The heavier parts are more heavy, the quieter parts are more full, and the choruses are huge, you should expect the unexpected with this one.

JG: Those Mockingbirds is a different band now, new members. everything changes over time, but what's most important is to always look forward.  

4) Will the band ever release a full length or are EPs the way to go?

JG: Of course we will release a full length, but in this moment in time an EP best suited the situation.

5) The cover art for Fa So La is very interesting. Is there a meaning behind it?

TD: Our good friend Jenna Przybylowski, who shoots a lot of our photos, was working on a photo project and this is part of it. The photo just seemed right as soon as we saw it. If you get a chance you should check out her some of her work at www.jennazee.com .

6) Will the band do more touring in the future?

JG: Touring is what makes this band feel alive. Plus with all the moving around we get all sweaty so it lets us utilize towels. Towels are underrated.

7) What's next for the band after the EP drops?

JG: More shows,more songs, more love,more crazy beans, more van troubles,more drinks, more naps,more looking up to the future.

TD: Probably an introspective on the life and times of a cucumber.